Style Soul Mates

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We've created a patent-pending solution to finding women with whom you share similar measurements and style because...

We all know a size 6 in one brand is not necessarily the same as a size 6 in another. So, we take a different approach and match you up with the ladies who's actual measurements are the same as yours. Blend that with a common sense of style and you have a Style Soul Mate!

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Be sure to keep your brand preferences and size profile up-to-date so that we may show you your most accurate matches.

The Icons

Use the icons throughout the site to easily view how your size relates to the owner of the item that catches your eye. For example...

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Not necessarily. Make sure to shop The Goods page often as new items are being added all the time.

When a seller adds an item to her closet, she is prompted to identify whether or not an item still fits her. If an item no longer fits the owner, we will make a note of it on the item's detail page.

Don't worry. We're granting new women access to the site daily. Soon you will have so many Style Soul Mates you won't remember a day when you only had a few. Shop The Goods page to see all the designer merchandise being sold on the site at any given moment.