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What is Shop hers?

Shop Hers is the only luxury marketplace
dedicated exclusively to pre-owned designer
fashion. We curate our community to
guarantee authenticity & quality.

Why Shop Hers?

SHOP a marketplace brimming with hand-picked premium labels, curated to your individual size and style. Shop with confidence knowing that 100% of the items bought & sold are manually inspected & authenticated.

SELL the often new and pre-loved goods taking up precious real estate in your closet to a community of women that appreciate their value. Name your own price. No bidding. No time clock. In just 3 easy steps, you're no longer a victim of buyer's remorse. Easy come, easy go!

DISCOVER your Style Soul Mates - women all over the world that share your style and size. Take refuge in knowing that you now have a community of women eager to buy the dress you only wore once or the handbag you really had no business buying at all.