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You can sell everything in your closet, from Zara to Hermès. Tradesy even enhances your images to make them look stunning!‎

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Tradesy has 10 times more designer fashion than Shop Hers. That's a lot more chances for you to score an amazing deal.

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Tradesy's knockoff-detection technology keeps designer replicas off the site, and you get a money-back authenticity guarantee on every purchase.

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You can return any item directly to Tradesy, with no restocking fees and a prepaid return label.
*excludes wedding merchandise
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Questions you may have:
For the past three years, both Tradesy and Shop Hers have been working tirelessly to create the very
best destination for buying and selling women's fashion. When we met, we realized that by
combining efforts, we could create the ultimate service for our customers that much faster.
What does this mean for Shop Hers
The Shop Hers website and iOS app will be shut down and re-directed to
on January 1, 2016. To make this transition easier for our members we're offering a discount
on your first purchase when you connect your Shop Hers account to Tradesy today.
What happens to my Shop Hers store credit?
Once you have joined Tradesy or linked your Shop Hers account with an existing
Tradesy account, your Shop Hers store credit will automatically transfer to Tradesy.
Can I continue to sell on Shop Hers?
Shoppers can still purchase items that are already in your Shop Hers closet.
However, you will no longer be able to list new items on Shop Hers.
We recommend you begin listing on Tradesy
If you are an international seller, we will contact you when Tradesy begins to allow listings outside the US.
Can I still make a purchase on Shop Hers
You may continue to purchase on Shop Hers until December 15, 2015.
To thank you for being a part of the Shop Hers community, we're giving you
a little cash towards your first Tradesy purchase. Start shopping
Contact Tradesy customer support to make an international purchase.

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